Running in Singapore

We offer an active way to see the vibrant city of Singapore with our guided running tours. Sightseeing in Singapore can be daunting, so let us remove the stress by leading you on a run through one of the best routes in the city. A running tour is a great way to experience the city, whether you are in Singapore for business or leisure. Our tours give you the chance to learn about the history of Singapore, and we will discuss the best things to see and do during your time in the city.

All our running tours are friendly and informal, and we will discuss the pace and intensity to ensure that the tour meets your needs. Come and connect with a local runner, and join other like-minded travellers for a run in Singapore, a fun and healthy experience!



Singapore is the world's only island city-state, situated only one degree north of the equator, on the tip of peninsular Malaysia. Despite its dense population, the diamond shaped main island retains a wealth of tropical green surrounds with its large parks and gardens. While Singapore is a busy metropolis, there is a large active running population with over one hundred running events during the year.

Due to its geographical location and maritime exposure, Singapore’s average temperature is between 25° C (77° F) and 31° C (88° F) all year round and often humid. For this reason, the most popular runs are those along Singapore’s many water ways or its lush national parks.

In our blog post "The Top 5 Places to Run in Singapore" we provide information on five of the best running routes in the central part of the city. Each running route includes details about the route as well as a map.

If you are living in Singapore and interested in meeting other locals for exercise, we also organise a community running group, through which we arrange a social run each week.